Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poster of the Week

This 1947 poster (23 x 30 1/2) comes from Belgium and shows a barbeque dress-clad Scarlett in a passionate embrace with Rhett. Hmm... perhaps the illustrator had a secret affection for GWTW "what if?" scenarios? 

 Image from Poster information cited from Herb Bridges' "Frankly My Dear..."


  1. Maybe he did his own fan fiction!!

  2. Talking about FF: Oh boy, this must be an illustration to 'The Bride'!! What I would give to get an illustration of the love struggle on the settee in the library. Oh well... I do wonder how you got your hands on a poster from Belgium, iso? Any connections?

  3. What a truly lovely poster even if it is a what if scenario

  4. @SJ-Did you say suttee?

  5. I have this one framed in my GWTW bathroom! I love this poster


  6. Iris, good one!

    Thanks everyone for commenting. This might actually be the first poster I truly like from what I've seen so far. What a joy too that it is from Belgium (where I will be spending the second semester of this school year, yay!).


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