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Hello and welcome to How We Do Run On, a joint project between longtime windies and recent bloggers iso and Bugsie. It started with our mutual love for Gone with the Wind and our increasingly long conversations about minor very interesting points in the book. In the process, we discovered the joys of researching said minor very interesting points, and stumbled across tidbits that made us think, laugh, change our opinions or, occasionally, simply squeal with excitement. We thought we’d create a place to store and share all these things, and here it is: our virtual Gone with the Wind scrapbook. We had fun putting this together and we hope you’ll have fun reading it as well. 
Some of the things you can expect to read around here: various historical tidbits, quotes from the book analyzed in their historical context, Victorian fashion, architecture and mores, book & movie discussions, pretty collages and a fair amount of rambling.

What is fair to assume you won’t find on this page: too much talk about any of the sequels/prequels as we like to pretend they don’t exist, any form of Civil War/racism apologia (we can
discuss it-we can’t and won't try to defend it) and the snows of yesteryear. The last is the only one prone to change.  

Our calling hours: Visit us each day at any time you'd like and we'll try to make sure there is something new for you to read. 

In the interest of full disclosure, below you’ll find our vital GWTW stats; feel free to point and laugh leave your own GWTW coordinates in the comments here if so inclined. And of course, if you have any other comments, requests for things you'd like to see covered or simply want to say hi, we'd love to hear from you. Other than that, enjoy!

Our Vital Stats 

Age first read the book: 14, scientifically proven to be the ideal age to first read Gone with the Wind. (Just old enough to think you are very grown up and  fully understand it, but young enough to swoon hopelessly over the romance.)

Number of movie viewings: Countless- I actually *wore out* my first VHS tape of the movie from repeated use. 

Number of book copies currently owned: Four. I own a paperback for frequent reading, a pocket paperback (good for on the go travel), a Southern Classics Library special edition from 1984, and a June 1936 edition

Favorite Quote from Gone with the Wind: "Talking love and thinking money! How truly feminine!" 

Age first read the book: 7, empirically proven to be the ideal age for starting life-long obsessions and learning to use a dictionary.

Number of movie viewings: one and a half made it to two. 

Number of book copies currently owned: Four, including a 1936 book club edition.

Favorite Quote from Gone with the Wind: "If you were run over by a railroad train your death wouldn't sanctify the railroad company, would it?"

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