Walter Plunkett and the Costumes of GWTW

The intricate and eye-catching 19th century costumes are an undeniable part of Gone with the Wind's charm, both when described on paper by Margaret Mitchell or when translated into movie costumes by the talented Hollywood designer Walter Plunkett.  As a result, How We Do Run On invites you to: 

Read more about designer Walter Plunkett: here.  

See the sketches for some of the costumes Walter Plunkett designed for Gone with the Wind

Discover the historical inspiration behind the Gone with the Wind costumes: 

One of our features here at the blog is a series called Doppelganger Dresses in which we link both Mitchell's and Plunkett's costumes to authentic dresses and accessories from period fashion plates. So far we've covered:
Rhett's costumes get their own series, under the header The Fashionable Rogue. Discover the historical doubles of: 
Are you now totally impressed with Walter Plunkett's ability to create historically accurate costumes? Well, even legendary costume designers get it wrong once in a while. Check out our post on Scarlett's wedding dress to discover more. 
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