Friday, November 5, 2010

Doppelganger Dresses, Part 10: Ellen O'Hara's Opening Scene Dress

Today's entry for Doppelganger Dresses comes to us courtesy of reader MCM84, who discovered a wonderful lookalike dress for the first costume Ellen O'Hara wears in GWTW (dark blue dress with black trim and buttons).

Check it out, along with a special bonus, after the jump. And many thanks to MCM84 for his great find and his graciousness in sharing it with us!

Godey's Lady's Book, October 1861. 

Costume still and publicity shot of Ellen O'Hara's dress in Gone with the Wind

 Gone with the Wind screenshots of Ellen O'Hara's dress.

Bonus! MCM84 was not only kind enough to share this doppelganger dress with us, but he also painted the white dress in middle to make it resemble Scarlett's green sprig dress and offer a potential scene from the Twelve Oaks barbeque. As he describes:
"The dress on the far left looks so much like the dress we first see Ellen in. I think that could easily be Melanie standing next to her in grey organdie and cherry streamers and the central figure in white, I painted the trim green and did a floral design, so that’s my Scarlett. I could see Carreen in a shorter version of the seated purple dress, and India in the brown. And the one in black could be any matron at the barbecue."
Check it out! 

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