Friday, February 25, 2011

Doppelganger Dresses, Part 25: Scarlett's Green Striped 'Honeymoon at Tara' Dress

I'm sad to say that today marks our final entry in the Doppelganger Dresses series. However, we've definitely saved our very best match for last! We've uncovered the dress that Walter Plunkett almost certainly used to create Scarlett O'Hara's "Honeymoon at Tara" costume. And doppelganger is absolutely the appropriate word in this case--the period style, which we discovered in an 1866 edition of Godey's Lady's Book, is a near-perfect match for the romantic cream and green striped dress that Scarlett wears to stroll the grounds of Tara with Rhett.

You'll notice, though, that Walter Plunkett did make two visible changes to the historical gown, changing the color of the stripes and modifying the bodice slightly. Other than that, the dresses are mirror images of each other. You'll find the dress after the jump. Check it out and let us know what you think! 

Also, now that our series has drawn to an end, be sure to check out our side page, Walter Plunkett and the Costumes of GWTW, to find a complete archive of the Doppelganger Dresses posts, along a link to our Plunkett bio post and a slideshow of Walter Plunkett's GWTW costume sketches. 

Thanks for reading; we loved working on this series for you!

Red striped dress. Godey's Lady's Book, September 1866.

A side-by-side look: Close-up of the dress from Godey's Lady's Book and Walter Plunkett's sketch for Gone with the Wind.

Screenshots of Scarlett's green striped honeymoon dress in Gone with the Wind.

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