Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rue de la Paix: All Things Scarlett

This week's collage was developed for you by none other than your blogger iso. It features All Things Scarlett--items either named Scarlett or that reference Gone with the Wind (like the "Frankly I Don't Give a Dress" dress). So if you you're in the market for Scarlett O'Hara nail polish, Rhett and Scarlett lip gloss (it exists!) or Scarlett sunglasses, you'll find them here. You can scroll over the images to get their product info, and you'll find a complete list of products with links available after the jump.

Scarlett sunglasses
$11 -
More sunglasses »

Scarlett Parfum Solide
$18 -

tarte Lip Gloss Rhett & Scarlett Red
$19 -
Editor's Note: If you clicked on this image in the collage, you might have been dismayed to see that it lists lip gloss as out of stock on Well, fear not, the link immediately above will take you to the actual cosmetics company that sells it. So there's still plenty of Rhett & Scarlett lip gloss to around! 

Scarlett Eau de Parfum by Keiko Mecheri
$115 -

Scarlett Gillia Triple Necklace
$45 -


  1. I want those sunnies. I think they are fabulous. Oooo, and I've got a birthday coming up too....

  2. That lip gloss is mine!!!! :) And the polish and the dress and...well, okay so I'll just be taking the whole thing ::whistles casually before grabbing items and running::

  3. Oh, Rhett, everything you touch you turn to gold. Lips too, apparently. Still fascinated by that lip gloss, obviously.

    Bugsie, making lame jokes so you don't have to.

  4. Doesn't the dress look like a red version of the dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in "The Seven Year Itch"?

  5. @ bella. You are right, it is quite close to that dress, now that you mentioned it. I know someone who bought this dress. Maybe we should ask her if she's secretly a Monroe fan :P

  6. Scarlett Eau de Parfum 115€. Expensive. She would have liked that!


  7. Me? A secret Marilyn Monroe fan? No, just a fan of a fun summery dress with a GWTW-themed name. I mean, who can turn that down?!

    So, yes, as Bugsie so pleasantly alluded, I did in fact buy the red dress in the collage. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a casual summer dress. It's easily ranks among the best dresses I've ever bought and I must admit I love dresses nearly as much as I love GWTW. :)

  8. I could totally go for that dress! Other than the name it really doesn't remind me of GWTW at all but I still feel like I need one!

  9. Here's another one for you. MAC Cosmetics has a blush named "Frankly Scarlet." Here's the link:


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