Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blueprints for the Butler Mansion: The Poll

So the time has come for you to vote. Which house do you think comes the closest to the Butler mansion? You can find the poll in the right sidebar just under our How We Do Run On blog description. The poll ends Sunday night. Vote away!

For a quick review of the contestants (click on their names to read the original posts): 

1. The Dougherty-Hopkins residence (The House of a Thousand Candles)

2. The James residence (The Governor's Mansion) 


  1. I voted for the James residence because while I could see elements of the Butler house in all three, I thought the James house seemed closest and because MM specifically mentioned it in the book. Scarlett sought to make her house have more of everything than the governor's house.

    So...there's no wrap-around veranda, but I think we can say the governor's house gives us a good indication of what Scarlett's architectural horror looked like (just imagine more of everything, haha).

    Incidentally, did we ever find any pictures that might clue us in on what exactly constituted the Swiss chalet style Scarlett talked about?

    Oh, and since Rhett referred to the architectural beauty of Switzerland, can we deduce that he had been to Switzerland at some point? I should go look at the handy-dandy map and see.

  2. About the Swiss chalet, there are a number of problems. There is a style called literally that, which was popular in the 19th century, especially in Europe (see this ). But I don't think that's the style Scarlett talked about. There are also other ornate and more popular styles that use Swiss chalet elements, like say the distinctive gables or the woodwork. Her house had other influences as well, definitely Gothic.

    We will have a post about that, when Bugsie is a good blogger and has time to read a couple of books. Oh, if we had an architect in our midst to solve the problem!


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