Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rue de la Paix

This week's collage features a somewhat more sedate and romantic interpretation of Scarlett getting ready for the dreaded night of Ashley's birthday. If only it had really been this tranquil...


  1. Oh, I absolutely love the cream corsetry thing; extremely beautiful and refined. I wish I could visit that museum in Arizona. I know it was considered underwear but I would not mind wearing it for a night; I am sure it would make me feel all womanly etc. And deep down all us girls want to dress like a princess day or night. These days’ underwear and sleeping gear can be rather sloppy; I for one am not a great fan of those over-sized t-shirts with prints on it that make grown women look like silly four year-olds. On the other hand it is very comfy, or so I heard ;-)

  2. @SJ- Yes, isn't just beautiful, isn't it? I love the lace on the bottom. Definitely fair to say they don't make them like that any more. :)


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