Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Reading: "A Tough Little Patch of History"

We've made another addition to Our Stash of GWTW Goodies page and present it here, should you like a reading project.  It's a 2007 dissertation by Jennifer Word Dickey, Georgia State University, called "A Tough Little Patch of History": Atlanta's Marketplace for Gone with the Wind Memory

But don't let the word dissertation scare you- it's actually a very readable and interesting look at Atlanta's relationship to Gone with the Wind, and what the different efforts to memorialize GWTW by the Atlanta History Center, the Clayton County Welcome Center and the Margaret Mitchell House say about Atlanta's identity and the public memory of GWTW.

The link is below and you can also find it on GWTW Goodies page on the side bar.  

LE: If the recommended link doesn't work for you, try this one and go from there:

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