Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten Things We Like

Aww, we got a Sweet Friends blog award from Kendra at Days in Mayfair. And it has cupcakes too! (Doing our best not to go aww again and/or break into a rendition of Julie Andrews singing "My Favorite Things," after reading Kendra's title. Failing of course.) Thanks, Kendra, we heart you!

The rules:
1. Post who gave you this award.
2. State ten things you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

Now, we would be happy to give this award to 10 bloggers but the thing is, we're new around here and only had time to discover a handful of blogs. They're all very cool blogs, though, and we'll tag them at the end.

As you know, ours is a collective blog, so instead of having two separate lists, we've decided to go for a list of things we like together and post it under The Old Guard account. Here goes:

1. Gone with the Wind
She needs kissing badly
This one is pretty obvious. After all, you're here reading a Gone with the Wind blog by us, aren't you? Besides, this obsession passion deserved to go first, simply because without it we would have never met, so naturally we wouldn't have had any common list of favorite things to share with you.

2. White wine
This row? Endless. Cheers!
Second on our list comes...booze? Naturally, considering the fact one of us voted to reduce the list to "books and booze" and be over with (name withheld to protect the guilty drunk). Common decency and our need to ramble on to ten topics won, so instead we're just giving white wine a nod. White wine is the stuff we both like and of which we could drink endlessly.

3. Old books
Photo from here.Starry eyes from Bugsie's AW collection.
And the taste of victory, Bugsie adds. You see, her enthusiasm for musty old books is only surpassed by her enthusiasm for finding bargains on musty old books. She has a small collection of 19th century books and devoutly hopes this potentially expensive hobby will never get out of control. Iso, on the other hand, started by being unimpressed, but was gradually won over by the beauty of old books (and the persistent nagging of her co-blogger), and nowadays she'll go "whee!" just as loudly at the sight of some scanned online treasure.

4. Chocolate
This pile? They said it was endless. We proved them wrong
Self-explanatory. How can you not like chocolate? [Bugsie understands if you just pick out the dark ones though. White chocolate is not real chocolate.]

5. Regina Spektor

We actually have pretty similar tastes in music in general, but Regina Spektor scores high on both our lists, so she was the obvious choice here. We love her voice. And her lyrics. And her sense of humor. And her playfulness. You might as well call us fangirls.

6. Procrastination

Well, Scarlett is our role model. After all, tomorrow is another day.... Oh, and by the way, this post? was due yesterday.

7. Cats 
One of Bugsie's cats, now in white
If she doesn't end up living under a bridge after she sold her house to pay for old books (which let's face it, is likely to happen at some point), Bugsie will grow old to be your typical crazy cat lady. She started off young, given the fact she already owns three (fat lazy adorable) cats, two of which are black. Iso is a big cat fan too, though for the moment she's content with admiring her parents' cats from afar. 

8. The Victorian Age
We like history in general, but the Victorian age deserved a nod, since it's more or less the focus of our blog. We first discovered it in connection to Gone with the Wind, but the more we read about it, the more fascinating we find it in itself.

9. England
Keeps the sun out.
Bugsie: okay, we're down to two
iso: how about England then? 
Bugsie: England?
iso: I lived there, you like it, you have the UK flag serving as a curtain [very long story, vaguely related to the World Cup.]
Bugsie: oh yeah, England it is then
iso: but wait...didn't we sort of cover it with the victorian age and all?
Bugsie: haven't been outside much in the last century, have you?

10. Words

No, not just words in general, because that would be just weird, wouldn't it? But if you read our blog, you know we love long sentences and lame jokes, and words are instrumental to both, so there you have it: we love words. And just so you know it, we very much prefer the term "word-lovers" to "wordy."

We're passing this award to:

All Things De Havilland
The Scarlett Olive
The Victorian era
[We wanted to give it to Corra too, but her blog is gone. It's a shame, we loved that blog.]


  1. Haha, I love all these thing as well. Well done!

  2. Congrats Ladies! You deserve the recognition! (I like your list, too.)

  3. @ Kendra:

    Cool! I didn't know about your blog (besides vivandlarry) but I went for a visit. I'm amazed at all you do.

  4. @ Kendra:

    Cool! I didn't know about your blog (besides vivandlarry) but I went for a visit. I'm amazed at all you do.


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