Thursday, September 2, 2010

Poster of the Week

Call it the staircase poster before the staircase poster. This image of Rhett carrying away a swooning Scarlett, seen here on a 14x22 poster from 1941, was a highly prevalent one in GWTW poster art from its inception as part of the movie's 1941 ad campaign through the early 1960s. 

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit this might be my least favorite GWTW poster ever. Scarlett looks passed out and Rhett is sporting one hell of a creepy leer. Not adding to the poster's general sense of class? The tag line "Rhett takes Scarlett in his arms!" That's fine, of course- I just rather prefer to imagine she was conscious for it. So, yeah, I'd even take the Polish love fans poster of this one here!

Image from Poster information cited from Herb Bridges' "Frankly My Dear..."



  1. Ohhh... Funny. What a cheeky grin MR Rhett Butler wears ;)

    And I just love the taglines "Nothing cut put the price" - "Rhett takes SCARLETT in his arms" now thats new *GGG*

  2. EW. This looks like an ad for a date rape drug.

  3. @BS - Now THAT puts a whole new meaning to the tag-line "limited engagement" *LOL*

  4. I LOVE jokes about posters! Keep them coming, I was getting a little lonely in my snarkiness :P

  5. @bluesneak- LOL. God, isn't that the truth? It's such an awful image.

  6. "Scarlett looks passed out and Rhett is sporting one hell of a creepy leer." :D I'm still LOLling!!


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