Thursday, September 30, 2010

Poster of the Week

After selections from Sweden, Belgium and South Korea, we have another international GWTW poster for you. This week's poster comes from Russia (date unknown), and features Rhett and Scarlett set against a fiery sunset and, curiously, a sculpted archway.

Image from 


  1. Love this poster. Wish I had a card of it. I do have this picture of Rhett and Scarlett beside my bed and blow kisses to Rhett every night. Ha Ha

  2. Oh, how I like that now I can just press "like" to comments and not think of something intelligent to say in reply (which can be quite challenging, see this here comment as proof :).

  3. I'm liking your comment about liking comments, after I just liked Bella's comment too. It's a vicious circle of "liking." :)


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