Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rue de la Paix

Bonnie Butler makes her Rue de la Paix debut this week. No doubt the little Miss Butler would be the envy of the Atlanta pre-school set with all her goodies. 


  1. How cute!
    So does anyone have any thoughts on Scarlett's children and the relationship they had with each other?
    They all shared the nursery until Bonnie developed her fear of the dark so obviously spent a bit of time together. I get the feeling that Bonnie, like Scarlett herself, wasn't particularly interested in her siblings, because she got so much attention from everyone else. And the novel does say that Wade and Ella aren't particularly fussed when Bonnie dies. An excuse to eat cake, if I remember correctly.
    So then, what about the relationship between Wade and Ella? They seem to have had a bit more going on with each other.
    At what age would children stop sharing a nursery?
    I'm hoping that Ella grew into quite a beauty, as ugly babies and children often do and lived a life a novel could be written about. Does it ever mention the colour of her eyes? I'm quessing that she would've been dressed in pink - just going from the fact they bought her a coral bracelet. Redheads look good in pink don't they? I'm also a bit concerned about her mentally. I have heard it suggested that she might have that disease you get when mothers drink during pregnancy, and that's why she's such a scatterbrain and can't concentrate on Scarlett's stories or her own questions.

  2. Well, Wade is also shown at an age where he doesn't really care for the company of his younger sisters. It is a cute paragraph the one where he muses about why people fuss over girls like that, because the only girl he knew closely was Ella and she didn't do anything to commend his respect. But I do think that Wade and Ella had a good chance of becoming closer as they grew up, especially since they were both victims of a very unhealthy environment in the Butler marriage after their sister's death. I randomly wonder about the trip to Saratoga in this context and how Scarlett decided to take herself and the children away to what we established was most likely a holiday resort.

    About Ella, I tend to agree that she had some sort of light damage from the fact Scarlett drank through pregnancy, though I know there can be a case against that as well. Sometimes, people are just scatterbrained as children and grow up to be normal.

  3. Do you mean Marietta? I wondered about this too. Apart from the honeymoon and the trip to Tara to recuperate, this appears to be the only holiday taken by Scarlett since her marriage. I got the idea from your post above ("...we established was most likely a holiday resort.") that you've discussed this before. But I don't remember reading about it anywhere.
    I would like to know, why Marietta? What is there that Scarlett would decide to take the kids for a holiday? And these days isn't it just a suburb of Atlanta? Actually, isn't Jonesboro too?
    When Mammy goes back to Tara Rhett asks who would want to be in this house now? I guess it's the same for Scarlett and the children. What I wonder, was the holiday at Scarlett's suggestion, or Rhett's?
    And how did Scarlett pass her days in Marietta with the children and Prissy? It seems to me that going on holiday is quite an unnatural thing for this family. Perhaps after Bonnie died Scarlett tried to continue to patch up her relationship with Wade and Ella, as she had done when Rhett went away for those three months.
    I can see Wade and Ella becoming closer too, in fact Wade becoming quite protective of her, if he was anything like his father, who doted on his own sister.
    I guess the thing is: how much was Scarlett actually drinking at the time? I seem to recall she needed about three neat brandys before she could get to sleep. I don't know if this was every day and I get the idea she climbed out of bed after Frank had gone to sleep. He must've been quite a heavy sleeper.
    Anyway, must dash!

  4. LOL, yes, I meant Marietta. Saratoga is my nemesis so it makes sense it would weave its way here. I've had a post about it planned for let's see...two months? One day, Saratoga, one day...

    As for us discussing Marietta before, it was like our second post at the blog, so it's understandable that you missed it:


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