Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poster of the Week

Eastern Europe is the setting for this week's edition--and we've got not one but two  1960s-era posters for you. The first is a 14x20 poster from Romania, while the latter is a 18x26 poster from the former Yugoslavia. And, yes, both are vastly superior to the Polish love fans poster we featured earlier.

Image from


  1. Scrolling down the page, I caught the upper two thirds of the Yugoslav poster with Rhett and Scarlett in passionate embrace and the flames shooting up from their midsections. It appeared as though those wily Yugoslavs were showing the effect of the kiss! But no! It was the burning of Atlanta, not Rhett and Scarlett burning with desire! Great juxtaposition of images just the same.

  2. LOL, this brings to mind one of the photo manipulations made by people at Margaret Mitchell House and Museum on Facebook-- Is it HOT in here or is Atlanta burning? : (not sure this link will actually work, but you can find the folder easily if you visit their page)


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