Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Reading: Clark Gable for Photoplay Magazine

Here's something we found on the web earlier this week and thought you'd enjoy reading as well: a 1940 interview of Clark Gable where he talks about Vivien Leigh, his favorite scenes from Gone with the Wind and his approach to the Rhett Butler character.

Need more incentive? Here's a little teaser, about one of the few times when there was "fooling" on the GWTW set:
"The greatest day on the picture to me was March 31, 1939. That was two days after my wedding to Carole. [...] We were married at three-thirty that afternoon and left at five-thirty, getting home the next morning at three. [...] Finally we got to sleep, only to be awakened at nine to discover forty cameramen, three newsreel men and twenty reporters waiting out in the front yard to interview us. Under the circumstances, David [David Selznick] gave me another day off.

"But the next morning when I reported at the studio, ready for the prison sequence, I discovered Vic [Victor Fleming] had switched things on me and was prepared to do the wedding scene, only this day my bride was Vivien. David had engaged a full orchestra which was gurgling through the wedding march and whole I knew it was all a rib on me, I blew up in the first take. The stage hands all groaned, Vivien asked solicitously what was the matter with me, and Vic said, 'It’s just that Clark has always been shy of girls.' "
You can read the whole article on (a site you should definitely be following if you're Gable fans). We want to thank them for making this article available for everyone!

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  1. Thanks for this link. Ironic to think that Gable describes Rhett as a man broken by love, and then when Carole died, he, too, was a man broken by love.

  2. Great article, and a really interesting website. But, I have to wonder about Gable's contention that he had never met Olivia de Havilland or Leslie Howard before. Perhaps de Havilland, but he and Leslie Howard both appeared (and had scenes together) in "A Free Soul" eight years earlier.

  3. is a fantastic website and the webmistress does a very good job of updating it frequently. She came and spoke at our Gateway to the Wind Conference and I had a very nice chat with her. Check our her enormous photo gallery, the Gone with the Wind section is quite extensive. Also, there are a lot of wonderful, cute pics of Clark and Carole-everybody's favorites.

    Iris354 you're absolutely correct, Rhett and Gable were both broken by love. If you look at the photos of him after Carole's death - esp. those in the 1950s - you can see exactly how much Carole's death took out of him. At least in the 1940s he had his military service to keep him going. Once that was over, he was lost. His last marriage to Kay was just an old man looking for somebody to take care of him and give him peace in his final years. It can make you wonder if that's what Rhett was looking for after Scarlett- assuming, of course, that they were real people. ;-)


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