Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Reading: The Flick Chick's Review of Gone with the Wind

Here's a little bit of Sunday reading for you all. The movie blog, The Flick Chick, recently posted a review of Gone with the Wind that's very much worth a look in our opinion. We found it be a thoughtful and wide-ranging analysis, tackling everything from the movie's thorny racial issues to Scarlett's survival instinct, Rhett and Scarlett's love-hate relationship, and the dreadfully dull Ashley Wilkes. 

Interested? To peak your interest further, here's a snippet of my favorite part: 

"Personally, I love Scarlett. Is she selfish? Yes. Is she a bitch? You bet. But every time she’s swatted down, she just gets back up again, more determined than ever. She’s also kind of hilarious. The relationship between Scarlett and Rhett (Clark Gable) is one of my favourites in film because, despite the heavier scenes, there is a wonderful lightness and camaraderie between them. Rhett doesn’t just put up with her crap, he’s amused by it. He enjoys her little temper tantrums, her attempts at manipulation, and her need to be spoiled coincides nicely with his desire to spoil her..."
--excerpted from The Flick Chick's review of Gone with the Wind

The link to the full post is below. Check it out and let us know what you think. What's your take on the review?

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