Sunday, April 3, 2011

Honeymoon Shopping Spree, Part 3: "Satin Slippers... Three Inches High"

"And the darling little bonnets that were not really bonnets at all, but flat little affairs worn over one eye and laden with fruits and flowers, dancing plumes and fluttering ribbons!  (If only Rhett had not been so silly and burned the false curls she bought to augment her knot of Indian-straight hair that peeked from the rear of these little hats!)  And the delicate convent-made underwear!  How lovely it was and how many sets she had!  Chemises and nightgowns and petticoats of the finest linen trimmed with dainty embroidery and infinitesimal tucks.  And the satin slippers Rhett bought her!  They had heels three inches high and huge glittering paste buckles on them." 
--Gone with the Wind, Chapter XLVIII

Today brings the last post in our Honeymoon Shopping Spree series, where we take a look at the luxurious loot Scarlett received on her honeymoon, from bonnets to lingerie and now finally slippers. To help you envision what Scarlett's fancy footwear may have looked like, we have an 1868 full-color fashion plate comprised entirely with shoes, from dainty slippers to everyday boots. To my mind at least, the bottom right pair of slippers seems like a good match to MM's description of Scarlett's own satin slippers, albeit much shorter of course. What do you think? Are there any pairs of shoes that you especially like or could see Scarlett wearing?

Fashion plate of ladies' shoes. The Queen, January 25th 1868.

Description: "Seven shoes are displayed. The top left shoe is a white flat with a small heel, and a small cording bow on the front of the shoe. The top right is a gray flat slipper, trimmed with ruffles and a gold ornament in the front. The middle row left is a brown ankle boot with a low heel, with black ruffles around the top and down the front. The center shoe is a higher ankle boot with a short heel. It has buttons down the front and a patent leather toe. The middle row right is another ankle boot with a short heel. It has brown fur around the top and buttons down the front. The bottom row left is a dark pink backless slipper with a low heel. It is heavily decorated with gold trim, tassels, and cording. The bottom right is a light pink low-heeled slipper. It has a black and gold ornament on the front and black lace around the sides, and a darker pink heel."

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