Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ballgowns Circa 1867-68, or What to Wear to Make Your Enemies Jealous

"Hoops were out now, and the new styles were charming with the skirts pulled back from the front and draped over bustles, and on the bustles were wreaths of flowers and bows and cascades of lace.  She thought of the modest hoops of the war years and she felt a little embarrassed at these new skirts which undeniably outlined her abdomen."
--Gone with the Wind, Chapter XLVIII

You've just secured a fabulously stylish new wardrobe. What to do next? Why, throw an elaborate party and show off celebrate, of course! At least that's the course of action Scarlett O'Hara Butler decided to take as a newlywed. As we know, one of her very first initiatives as the freshly minted Mrs. Rhett Butler was to throw a lavish, if regrettably ill-attended, "crush" in her huge new mansion. Given that Scarlett expected her crush to be the social event of the season, we can surely guess that she put tremendous care into dressing for the occasion. So what exactly would she have worn?

As per her usual attention to detail and historical acccuracy, MM does a wonderful job of describing the fashions that comprised Scarlett's new wardrobe after her marriage to Rhett. But we thought we'd take her description one step further and bring you a slideshow of the fabulous, frilly ballgowns of the time. Below you'll find 21 fashion plates from Le Monde Elegant all circa 1867-68. Check them out and let us know what you think. Do you have any favorites? Which one(s) can you see Scarlett wearing? 

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